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PTA Happenings – May 19-25, 2017


PTA Calendar

PTA Calendar

GARDEN COMMITTEE:   Let’s get ready to do some gardening!  All Ivy Hill students will get an opportunity to participate in the planting of the Ivy Hill garden plots on Tuesday, May 23rd so please dress appropriately.  We will be planting a “Salsa Garden.”  Also, all the children will get a chance to sample the vegetables they plant in a special “Chips & Salsa tasting” after we harvest the vegetables in the fall.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES COMMITTEE:  School Supply Kits on sale now!  Ivy Hill PTA offers our families the ability to purchase pre-packaged and approved school supply kits for the new school year through our vendor, EPI.  The sale begins May 1 and runs through June 25th.  Orders are accepted online ONLY.  To order:  Go to www.educationalproducts.com/shoppacks.  Enter the school ID:  IVY003.  Follow the directions on the website to complete your order.  All kits will be delivered to school and can be picked up during the Teacher Meet and Greet/Ice Cream Social prior to the first day of school.  Questions?  Please contact Julie Ratzki at 224 805-6007 or Connie Gonzalez at 847 420-4564.  This is not a fundraiser, just a service provided through the PTA.

LAST PTA MEETING:   May 23, 2017 @ 7:00

NEXT SCHOOL BOARD MEETING:   May 25, 2017 @ 7:30, Dryden Elementary School

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