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Everybody Counts! Week of October 20-24


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Everybody Counts!

During the week of October 20, Ivy Hill celebrated Everybody Counts week. Everybody Counts is a program designed to educate students about people with various disabilities. Through a combination of instruction and hand-on activities, students in each grade learn about a particular disability, whether that be a physical impairment like the inability to walk or see, or a cognitive impairment that affects communication or learning.

All activities are completely volunteer led so we want to extend a huge THANK YOU for all of the hours our volunteers gave to plan and deliver this great program to our students! As our school continues to grow, we will need even more volunteers to host the Everybody Counts program at Ivy Hill. Keep it in mind for a volunteer activity in 2015 – it’s a great chance to get into the classroom and interact with your student(s) and their peers!

Kindergarten AM IMG_4591 IMG_4582 IMG_4512 From Gail Esler